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Foundary Metallics Armandine

Metallic glazes are used to create some amazing effects on these tiles, which are available in five sizes in each of the four colourways: Rose Gold, Roman Gold, Almandine (which is a rich and dark burgundy) and Gallium (a deep, inky grey). These give you plenty of opportunities to design some striking patterns for feature walls. It's worth noting that there will be considerable differences between every tile, particularly for the Roman Gold tiles, which may be rippled and uneven in surface texture and colour. Combined they look gorgeous and it also means your tiles will be truly unique!

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Rococo Metallic

Rococo Bronze metallics


Rococo Mercury metallics


Rococo Topaz metallics


Foundary Metallics Armandine

Foundary Metallics Residence Winchester Tile

Armandine Foundary metallics


Rose Gold Foundary metallics

Rose Gold

Roman Gold Foundary metallics

Roman Gold

Gallium Foundary metallics


Although popular as a single size, they can be fixed as repeat patterns and are also available in a brick size of 200 x 100 or if you prefer 8" x 4".

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