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Elite Gold Mosaics

Mosaics have been used to decorate the home for thousands of years and evidence can still be found in ancient centres of Roman culture and the abandoned houses of Pompeii. Floortique has a sublime selection of mosaics using gold, mother of pearl, glass, ceramic, wood, metal and stone.

Elite Gold mosaic

Glass mosaic

Metal mosaic

Wood mosaic

Stone Mosaic
Stone Mosaic

Paradise mosaic

Porcelain  mosaic

Glass Blends
Glass Blends  mosaic

Gold Fleck Glass
Gold Fleck Glass pool mosaic

Iridescent Glass
Iridescent Glass  mosaic

Mixed Media
Mixed Media mosaic

Tile Panels
Tile Panel mosaic


These mosaics come in sheets which are easy to fit. The glass range is huge and they are suitable for use in wet places such as kitchens and bathrooms. Please ask about their use in swimming pools as not all are resistant to the chemicals in the water.

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