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Forest Gold Carta Slimline
Slimline porcelain Forest Gold

Super Thin Porcelain Tiles

Very Thin Glazed porcelain tile. Marble Forest Gold.

Massive 1200 x 600 and amazingly thin and lightweight porcelain panels, only 4.8mm thick. Easy to cut, half the weight of a standard porcelain. Can be used to tile over existing surfaces. Glazed with the appearance of marble.

  • Thinner and lighter than standard porcelain.
  • Twice as strong
  • very low water and dirt absorbtion
  • Can be applied to walls, floors and even ceilings
  • Lightweight construcion reduces stresses and loads on a building.
  • Can be applied directly over existing tiles.
  • Can be used internally and externally. Will not crack or fade.
  • Extremely durable, Water, Fire and heat resistant.
  • Lower environmental impact as uses half the volume of materials.

These amazing tiles have fewer grout joints and can be used as panels to showers, round baths and even on the ceiling. They will cover a floor or a wall in no time at all.

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1200 x 600 x 4.8mm £74.95 £62.46

Tel : 0118 907 6533
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