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Arts and Crafts
Arts and Crafts tiles

There is an amazing range of tiles, skirtings and mouldings to see.

All sorts of combinations are possible, with the classic 6" field tile, skirting tile and half tile in 24 colours. Each with 19 matching mouldings.

Brilliant White, Colonial White, Imperial Ivory, Aqua Source, Baroque Blue, Burgundy, Ecru, Etruscan Rose, Jade Breeze, Jet Black, Lilac Mist, London Stone, Mews Taupe, Oxford Blue, Palladian Beige, Palm Green, Pavillion Green, Pavillion Cream, Royal Blue, Sepia, Summer yellow, Vicarage Green, Victorian Green and Windsor Blue.

Slip moulded pieces are then fired and hand glazed.

Price per m²  
152 x 152 x 7mm Tile  
152 x 75 x 7mm Tile  
Price each  
Round edge long tile
152 x 75 mm
Round edge short tile
152 x 75 mm
Rectangular tile
152 x 25 mm
Albert Moulding
152 x 40 mm
Victoria Moulding
152 x 75 mm
Rope Moulding
152 x 40 mm
Skirting Moulding
152 x 152 mm
Dentil Moulding
152 x 40 mm
Egg and Dart Moulding
152 x 65 mm
Wave Moulding
152 x 60 mm
Adelaide Moulding
152 x 75 mm
Ribbon and Reed Moulding
152 x 28 mm
Gothic Arch Moulding
152 x 28 mm
Warwick Moulding
152 x 25 mm
Astragal Moulding
152 x 21 mm
Hogarth Moulding
152 x 38 mm
Plain Cornice Moulding
152 x 75 mm

NB these tiles are made to order according to your requirements in a range of colours with matching borders and corner tiles.

Please ask for a colour brochure inside which is shown the various colours and designs

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