Urban : : Wall Tiles by Floortique

Relief Tiles

New York
New York Urban relief Tile

Paulista Urban Relief Tile

Nano White
Nano White Urban Relief Tile

Wave White
Wave White Urban Relief Tile

Nano Black
Nano Black Urban Relief Tile

Wave Black
Wave Black Urban Relief Tile

Hela Blanco
Hela Blanco Urban Relief Tile

Sarek Blanco
Sarek Blanco Urban Relief Tile

Hela Negro
Hela Negro Urban Relief Tile

Sarek Negro
Sarek Negro Urban Relief Tile

Onda Off White
Onda Off White Urban Relief Tile

Floor Off White
Onda Off White Urban Relief Tile

Onda Pastel
Onda Pastel Urban Relief Tile

Onda Portland
Onda Portland Urban Relief Tile

Onda Argento
Onda Argento Urban Relief Tile

Urban : : Porcelain Tiles by Floortique

Avorio Porcelain Tile

Cabana Porcelain Tile

Val Paradiso
Val Paradiso Porcelain Tile

Isola Porcelain Tile

Baia Porcelain Tile

Butter Cream
Butter Cream Porcelain Tile

Crema Beige
Crema Beige Porcelain Tile

Jerusalem Porcelain Tile

Golden Shell
Golden Shell Porcelain Tile

Manilla Porcelain Tile

Windemere Porcelain Tile

Caledonia Brown
Caledonia Brown Porcelain Tile

Caledonia Black
Caledonia Black Porcelain Tile

Matt Black
Matt Black Porcelain Tile

Jet Black
Jet Black Porcelain Tile

Mont Blanc
Mont Blanc Porcelain Tile

Regency White
Regency White Porcelain Tile

Sugar White
Sugar White Porcelain Tile

Urban by Oibá
Caledonia Brown

The Urban porcelain range is a collection of durable and smart looking porcelains with polished or matt finish.
In a range of colours from the whitest white to the blackest black. Featuring the rich Caledonia Brown tile pictured left.

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